Remote hive monitoring system

We aim to ease the everyday work of beekeepers. In order to do so, we have developed a device that can be placed inside the hive to record events. The beekeeper can then easily access our web interface and see, what his colony needs in real-time.

Apicula – a hive sensor that monitors the life of your bees all day and night. Discover what happens in your absence after uploading the data to the web app. Read more.

Bombus – a hive sensor, weight, and a hub that connects everything. The hub stays online day and night and brings you live updates from the hive through our web application. Take care of your bees wherever you are. Read more.

Bees interfere with our lives more than we may suspect. Up to 80% of all plant crop depends on pollination from bees. However, recently numbers of these important insects have been decreasing rapidly. That is why Forsage exists. We evaluate and analyze the data collected from hives to help identify the causes of increasing bee mortality. Read more.

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