Listen to your bees

A remote monitoring device guards your colony during day and night. It can detect the colony status and its development, so you can take more informed steps for caring for your beehive.


Bees interfere with our lives more than we may suspect. Up to 80% of all plant crop depends on pollination from bees. However, recently numbers of these important insects have been decreasing rapidly. That is why Forsage exists. We evaluate and analyze the data collected from hives to help identify the causes of increasing bee mortality.


The Apicula is placed in a beehive where it begins data collection at regular intervals. You can then download and upload them to our web interface and see the life of your bees projected in charts. Every beekeeper gets introduced to our web interface, so we can make sure he/she can understand and work with his/her data. At the same time, the global data collection is used to find the reasons for the increased mortality of bee colonies.

Listen to what Apicula hears in the following video.

Wondering how it works? Do you want to have a sensor in your hive?

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